This is Heir Holiness

I’m here to help you change your life, to make the shifts you’ve decided to make, to walk you away from the things you’ve decided are no longer good, beneficial or what you want and gracefully and easily move into your next segment, the next leg of your journey, your new adventure.

As a Mystic

I walk my talk; living the laws of the Universe, focused on communion, self love self growth and self realization. As we journey I teach you the perspectives, the principles and the practices that get you through the boyfriends, the girlfriends, the breakups, the breakdowns and the breakthroughs… Even losing your loved ones… It is THIS that is the foundation of real safety and true security.

As a Mentor

I understand what it takes to shift.   The laws of the Universe, their ability to guarantee your success in life together with decades of study, practice, experience, love, understanding and empathy allows me to guide you (focused on Peace, Prosperity and a Powerful Stance) through some of life’s most interesting, harrowing, hurtful, scary (you put your adjectives here 🙂 situations and circumstances

As we “walk” together moving through situations and circumstances, as your Mentor it is my intention to not only make you aware of what I see and sense intuitively but to also teach you the universal formulas that activate; calm, clarity, connection, consciousness and confidence in you. I show you how to align yourself with the Laws of the Universe and LIVE them with LOVE; allowing them to support you and safety you as you create a mindset, build a daily practice and cultivate a perspective that peacifies, prospers, and perfects your mind, your body (health) and spirit.

As a Master Intuitive

“Eye” See things…Patterns, Cycles, Pathology, things that have happened, things that may happen and things that are happening just underneath the surface. I discern core issues very well and separate the wheat from the chaff naturally and with ease.


I sing my song in a higher octave… Granny said I have the spirit of the hummingbird and that’s what allows me to see” over the wall” or “through the veil” so to speak but I consider myself an interpreter, a channel for The Highest Vibratory Energy (rooted in LOVE) to move through, into this reality, into this place for the sole /soul purpose of loving, enlightening, inspiring and uplifting.


From this vantage point or “view” I have an angle on situations and circumstances I like to call a “birds eye view”.  Where you are on the ground (in the situation) and in the fray, I am in the tree, with a view that allows me to see more of the situation, the possibilities and the potential dangers. This ability allows me to guide you in an efficient, graceful way out of and or into situations and circumstances that would be or are a challenge for you (at this time) without assistance. 

With a different perspective, alignment to a spiritual principle and the foundational support of the Universal Laws you can turn ANY situation or circumstance into a Stepping Stone…A Ladder that will literally carry you to the next level up with ease and grace.

I am your Muse

If you have made the choice to be safe, secure, abundant, prosperous, healthy, peace-filled, confident and strong, you’ve come to the right place. If you are ready to understand, evolve, enlighten advance, ground, center, up-level, get comfortable with intimacy, do what you love, become a leader in your life, give and share your gifts talents and abilities, get PAID and live a PROSPEROUS Peace Filled Life…. Then I AM your Muse!!

All I ask is that you Say YES!! Say yes to being awe-inspired, divinely-guided, coached, understood, #1 in your own life, healing your heart and allowing your HEALING and your pain, your confusion and the Clarity, the  understanding of WHY did this happen and WHY did “they” do this, that and the other and your PEACE with ALL OF IT (FINALLY) be your FUEL to give your GIFT to this world.

It could set you free, It could make you famous,

It could really be the way that you get to that FEELING, to that place…that YAAASSS Hunty!! LOL Where you’re giving, sharing, doing what you love, making money, feeling balanced, feeling STRONG, like a “Channel” for that incredible energy into this place and your ART your creativity is truly a Blessing, necessary and a GIFT…. really!! THAT is the space where you can create!! Where it flows through YOU! Where you FEEL the POWER, The PRESENCE that Divine Presence moving through YOU! Knowing it’s amazing, feeling the spectacular, the AWE of your communion, your talent your co-creative moments… And yes I AM ready, I AM capable and oh so excited and happy to assist you!!

Soooooo, If you’re nodding your head yes,

If this is where you are, If this sounds familiar or just RIGHT…

Put your name and email in the boxes on this page, make an appointment for a consultation and let’s see what’s going on, REALLY going on and get you calm, clear and confident enough to take the next step, make the choice, create the plan and move forward fearlessly!!  Let me show you how some simple shifts can be the difference between a lukewarm life and a life on FIRE, a life feasting or a life of famine, the literal difference between everything you have now and everything you ever wanted…. Are You Ready??